I am grateful for BEing, for finding the tools to guide me, the teachers to welcome me, the places to acknowledge me, and the spaces to hold me.
To my family, friends, students, clients and the community: Thank You!!!
Manal Soudani was born and raised in a loving family environment that encourages art, creativity, music, and sports. Her interest in nature, the magical entities, and the organic architecture of the Universe had started at birth. Enchanted & mesmerized by all the forms, shapes, and colors sculptured in nature Manal was able to stretch her canvas across the oceans, painting the cultural fabrics, constructing the rhythms of her path, and nourishing her personal journey as a spiritual sassy designer. 
Her travels capture the musical sounds, the colorful energies, and the collective flavors that are pervaded from east to west. Her suitcase is her treasure box!
Manal was gradually wired by the evolution of the awakening path, embraced and nurtured by her eastern guides and loving teachers, she had started practicing yoga, sketching, playing with musical instruments, tarot cards and crystals at an early age. Manal was able to heal herself from inevitable life traumas, by intuitively exploring the spiritual world, continuously studying and learning techniques to overcome the undesired paradigms, which for a decade had caused her a life-threatening chronic dis-ease and emotional distress.
Manal Soudani’s intuition is her truthful guide; being mindful and searching for the unknown, asking the questions, looking for the answers, sketching the dream, living Zen, and connecting with her inner child.
Manal is an advocate for souls of all color, for diverse spiritual beings, for single parents, families, and for women without a voice!!! She believes that Everything is Alive & connected, and each one of us has the inner power to heal oneself!
Manal weaves her certified curriculum education and international experience in Art, Interior Architectural Design, Graphic Design,Branding, Content Creation, Feng Shui Design, Jewelry Design, Sculpturing, Photography, UI | UX Design, Design Thinking, Languages, Yoga, Reiki, Shamanic Studies, Mindful Mediation, Yoga Nidra, Energy Medicine, Advanced Crystal Healing, Integral Sound Healing. 
Her experiential workshop portfolios have a unique flavor mixing the delicate eastern oriental culture with the sharp muse of a western vibe, the work introduced to the community is an extension of pure dedication and truthful intention to brining self-healing work, self-love, and self-worthiness.
Manal expresses her work style through the attained knowledge and practices of various spiritual modalities + art + design work, she holds space by listening to the architectural sounds of the human heart, attainedning to the client's dream chart and by designing an aesthetic soul journey, her creative print reflects the individual self-choreography, production and execution of music, wellness programs, spiritual products, comfortable living spaces and positive human experiences.
The journey is surrounded by invisible love from the creator of the energies that bring all forms into reality, the foundation builds up from the existence of a community somewhere on this planet, where the life force of like-minded people come together to enjoy being in a sound healing circle next to the water bank of a Lake, or celebrate a sun dance in a Chapel, or winter pray in a Sweat Lodge, or gather for a feast in the heart of the Desert!​​​​​​​
Manal Soudani has a passion for serving the community and for extending a compassionate open heart for the love of mother earth, humanity & what is beyond this kingdom...
Manal Soudani
Founder of 8hz
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