"Only by giving you are able to receive more than you already have."
 _ _Jim Rohn
Healing with kindness is a service of unconditional love, I would love to guide you and offer you a piece of my journey, taking the first steps is the hardest, but when you believe in yourself, and the power of receiving positivity, you become the healer!
The art of giving is simply defined as giving from the heart without any expectation of something in return. True giving and happiness are deeply connected and they both come from a place deep within our souls.
Volunteer work brings opportunities for our communities to thrive, it sustains true happiness in our hearts, and creates a component of healing in our life journeys. Expand your heart and serve for a higher cause!

 Volunteer Work- Vision Board Workshop

"Manal did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and at ease. The sound healing totally relaxed my mind and body bringing refreshing energy and peace."
_Vicki Evans
"Manal is gentle, with a calming voice, really listened to my needs. Experiments with a lot of different instruments, and even did some outdoor sound healing which was awesome! 10/10 Highly recommend. You will not regret it, and you might become addicted to it I know I have!! Its part of my weekly routine."
_Randy Artis
"Manal is calm, positive and very understanding. I recommend all clients to remain open minded, relax and go with the flow. Her sessions are definitely worth the guidance!"
_Caltia Latimer
"Manal is very in tune with her practice. She makes me feel extremely comfortable, educates me, leaves me feeling so much more balanced and at ease. She is extremely professional and nurturing!"
_Alex Youngfelt
"Manal is a professional with an open mind and heart. After taking few sessions, I will definitely continue my journey with my guides."
_Stephanie Medina

We are love!

*Our hearts grow warmer with your donations!!! 
A small donation will add joy and support a creative single mother and her daughter.​​​​​​​
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