Journeys, invoke your imagination, open your heart, and heal your ailments. Buckle up as the journey will take you onto a new awakening path. 
We will circle beyond the realms of reality, searching for a cure. When we find it, we find ourselves. We will learn about the connection of the three worlds and comprehend the messages that we may hear, see, or sense.

The Tree

Spiritual guides and power animals, are our invisible best friends, our allies, the intuition that guide us into the unknown and protect us during our journeys. When we meet them, we greet them and walk along knowing that we are all connected.

The Owl

Worlds, nerve cells connected to the visual cortex in the opiate-rich pathway at the base of the brain becomes active when we look at a beautiful scenery from our window or when we take a shamanic journey which in return activates our happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.
On the navel of the Earth stands the Cosmic Tree, which reaches up to the dwelling of the upper world, and down to the lower world. The Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World are all inhabited by spirit-beings.
The Shamanic journey involves traveling within oneself for the purpose of consultation and therapy. This is a profound way to conduct an internal conversation and to ascertain vital information. Our inner being is in constant contact with all levels of our consciousness. The realms are held together in an unconscious world and are part of the fabric of our psyche, leaving our acceptance of them is up to our free will.​​​​​​​

The World

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